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Anorexia ~ The Fear of Passion

  Your words appeared at just the right time (ah, the magic of life!)  and helped to catapult me to a higher place of understanding this illness, which was for me a way of non-life for seven years… I must thank you again for your magnificent intelligent article on anorexia… I look forward to reading your future pieces…

Romana (Australia)

     The anorexic woman is not necessarily always underweight, as all forms of enforced dietary control are unnatural. The stressed career woman, skipping breakfast and nibbling on fruit for lunch, the depressed housewife, living on coffee and tranquilisers whilst placing her family’s needs before her own, the pubescent girl, starving her budding curves through media and peer group pressure are all anorexic. The female body’s wisdom, innately united with power and sensuality, knows how to communicate hunger and how much food to receive. All eating disorders are a denial of this wisdom, a rejection of joy, freedom and sensuality, a self inflicted punishment for being alive, for being woman.

    Every woman is naturally radiant when united with her inner realm of love Anorexia Statueand sensuality. Through striving to attain an unnatural ideal of physical perfection, she denies this inherent source of female wisdom and truth. Through physically shrinking her body, she psychically and emotionally shrinks from the infinite mystery of her feminine consciousness. Her greatest fear is that a man will never reach or receive this vast inner wellspring of her fire. The anorexic entity within her mind does not just deny food ~ it denies any simple pleasure that creates love, beauty or peace, ultimately denying the divine power of the feminine essence. Anorexia is a rejection, an inability to trust, to say yes, to surrender to the life, passion and sensuality of her female body. She cannot fully live, fully be who she is, while this insidious entity rules her psyche.

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