A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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  Your writings are inspiring me to trust that the deep river within me is beautiful and has so much within it to nourish my life and to share with others...

Chris... United Kingdom

     Living within the fast pace of contemporary civilisation creates tension and imbalance in the pregnant woman, pressuring her to work and keep busy throughout her pregnancy and soon after childbirth. In ancient cultures, she, as Universal Mother, was revered as the bestower of all life. Living, loving and working in harmony with the ever-flowing changes of the earth’s cycles, she was also in harmony with the unfolding life within her womb. Today, she is often stressed and exhausted through taking on too many outer roles and distractions that deplete her precious inner resources.

     Your round belly, ripe with love, with the presence of new life, contains the mysterious Detail of Spiral of Lifepower that creates the miraculous act of birth. If you do not fully embrace this awesome process, fully experience the delicious aliveness of your pregnant body, fully nurture yourself and your unborn babe, you will feel unbalanced. If you make other things more important than your pregnancy, this will affect your bonding with your babe and your relationship with your partner.

     This precious time is for honouring the abundant fertility of your femaleness. Relax, surrender, melt into the sensual joy of pregnancy, of love, of being a woman. Meditate, receive, nurture your body and spirit, enjoy balance and harmony by simply being who you are right now. Massage your belly with fragrant oils, lie in the sun, be with the earth, rest, dance, enjoy yoga, create a pregnancy collage or journal, make love, cherishing every moment of pregnancy’s sacred gifts. Enjoy the awesome power and delicious sensuality of love and life that is creating your baby, and you will enjoy the natural delight and fulfilment of being a beautiful pregnant woman.

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