A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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  I’ve just read your article and feel so moved to tell you how wonderful and powerful it is… Such wise words, so strong, so direct from the heart!… I only pray many people read it and take it into their hearts too…

Louisa... Australia

    A tiny child’s intelligence embraces a realm of acute sensitivity, alertness, stillness, clarity and consciousness. This place does not need to be added to, filled up or controlled, for it contains a wise and miraculous capacity for instinctive awareness, intuitive perception and natural learning. The young child does not need to be taught how to flow against nature or against its own unique nature. Yet this is what happens when it enters an educational system that denies true freedom of individual creativity and true uniqueness of spirit.

     The fast pace of the modern world, with its computerised entertainment, gadgets, games and learning, is separating our innocent children from the natural sensuality of their bodies Child with the Earthand the natural clarity of their minds. Through an increasing emphasis upon computerised learning, they are being pulled outwards, upwards, into their heads, away from their bodies, away from the earth. All children are born with an inherent capability to learn through their innate senses, skills, talents and love of nature’s beauty. When the stressful pressure of forced thinking, analysing, competing and trying replaces the free flow of their sweetness, innocence and openness, they become human robots instead of joy-filled beings. Children cannot truly learn from their outer world unless they remain harmoniously connected to their inner world. When a child is shown how to remain awake, whole, alert, free, that child knows the spontaneous joy of true learning. When a child repetitively gathers facts, figures and information from books, computers, magazines and television, it loses touch with the spirit of fluidity emanating from its creative inner source. It loses touch with its innate openheartedness and love of the earth.

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