A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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  You speak the truth behind menopause… Your writing is profoundly researched… It is the child of myth, the eternal child… You link words with such perception, insight and vitality… You write from such a depth of experience and from such a profound source… Thank you for your insightful articles…

Carolyn... U.S.A.

     The woman who is consciously embracing Roslyne Sophia Breillatmenopause is learning to listen more profoundly to her body, her being. She is learning to slow down and nurture herself through sensitive caring, deepening stillness and awakening wisdom. Through aligning with her psyche’s innately changing rhythm, she will discover an infinite wellspring of openness, trust, surrender and courage. If she has previously given everything to career, mothering or partners without receiving sufficient nurturing, this transformational phase becomes a wise and loving teacher in the tender art of replenishing the female spirit. It is now important for her to trust her intuitive inner guidance as never before. Through opening more fully to her instinctual insight, she will gradually merge with the innate harmony resting peacefully beneath her doubts, fears and uncertainty.

     After emptying, filling and replenishing for so long with the phases of the moon, her body is now rapidly changing. These subtle yet deep changes are often felt as dramatic, disorienting, disturbing and erratic. If she is experiencing disharmony, it is important to simplify her outer life as much as possible. Eliminating unnecessary tasks, possessions and distractions bestows more energy and space for receptively integrating the natural flow of inner changes within this erratic new disequilibrium.

     Her regular sleeping patterns are usually disrupted as intense physical sensations call her into the Crone’s vast realm of purification. The menopausal womb of creation and destruction is relentless in its desire to release the past, often bringing long suppressed emotions into the light for healing. Many women experience heightened memories and vivid dreams as past trauma is released during this powerful transition. These suppressed memories are often deeply sexual.

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