A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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Mother Earth Sister Moon

 This evening I had the urge to leave the house and be outside with the natural world… I snuggled with a blanket and let myself be supported by the earth… I feel very blessed to be a daughter of the earth… Reading your words tonight made me realise even more how precious this is…

Vanessa... U.S.A.

     And at this time she craves the gentle comfort of lunar darkness. Her nights are often sleepless now. For this newness that is strangely stirring within her loins longs for the precious treasures of the nocturnal realm. It calls her outside, far away from closed doors, stifling rooms and confining walls. It calls her towards the life of the night. It calls her towards the life of the darkness. It calls her towards the place where her owl of wisdom flies, where her well of wisdom lies, where the sounds of nocturnal creatures and the dance of falling stars haunt her with the mystique of transformation. And her body shakes. Her body sweats. Her body tosses and it turns. Her body heats and it burns. As the fires of menopause ignite her erratic surges of newly awakening power, she changes, she gives up, she surrenders, she accepts.

     Mother Earth’s bounteous love knows that she is a lunar creature who needs to absorb the midnight whisperings of the dark right now. And Mother Earth knows the intangible realm of a woman’s lunar mystery. When the menopausal woman cannot sleep it is because she needs to imbibe the essence of her wise night spirit. She needs the reflective presence of the moon and she needs the fine sensitivity that darkness bestows.

     The long hours of the night are intensely powerful for her. They awaken the passion of kundalini power at the base of her spine. And these dark hours are when her creative juices stir Mother Earth Sister Moon - the transformative menopausal yearsmost potently, asking her to look within and see where she is not allowing their full potential to flow during the light of day. When she surrenders to the dark and when she gives and receives whatever the night spirit is asking of her she will then sleep soundly and deeply. When she embraces its nocturnal presence she will enjoy its mysteries and will accept them as her own. She will know deep peace and she will know deep rest. Her wise muse is shining a light on any aspects of her being that are dormant, suppressed, unlived or unfulfilled. This wise menopausal muse must absorb all of her, must take all of her, must have her in her entirety. For she must work her mysterious alchemy and weave her blessings of wisdom until all is transformed.

     As she gazes at the moon during these sleepless hours she becomes infused with its reflective power. She becomes aware of a deeper calling drawing her beneath the superficiality of worldly dreams and experiences towards divine union with her female spirit. And as the moon’s cyclic visits transmute her womb’s life-giving blood she connects more profoundly with that other place beyond society’s ignorance of the feminine essence.

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