A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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The Way of the Goddess

  Thank you for this beautiful article… I witness absolutely (abSOULutely!) what you have written…

Kate... United Kingdom

  The Way of the Goddess was inspiring and beautifully written… Thank you so much!…

Jade... U.S.A.

     Through abandoning the spirit of the earth, modern civilisation has abandoned the many mysteries of the bountiful Goddess and her sacred rituals. The contemporary patriarchal intellect perceives these rituals as primitive, ignorant and unnecessary, suppressing their profound capacity for reminding us of a deeper, more intimate part of the psyche that the modern world would rather not acknowledge. Through humbly embracing our sacred union with the earth, we spontaneously open to the powerful humility of ritual.

      The initiation rites of early matriarchies often featured a descent into the Mother Earth Statuedarkness of an underground tunnel, labyrinth or cave where a solitary journey was symbolically made into the center of the earth. This labyrinth or passage cut deeply into the moist richness of Mother Earth’s womb caverns, whose underworld realm featured in ancient mythology as a potent symbol of creative female power. After a period of ritual and meditation, the Earth Goddess’s initiates emerged purified, strengthened and reborn from the body and womb of The Mother. This profound ritualistic experience of inner transformation, deeply connected to the flowing cycles of the Goddess, evokes deep fear as well as courage.

     This Universal Mother spiritually embraces every woman’s mysterious capacity to die, renew and replenish with the phases of the moon. Her presence dwells eternally in the heart of every woman, and every man born of woman. Denial of her nurturing power creates a profound fear of love, sexuality and death. Denial of her sacred mystery creates war and pollution upon this beautiful earth.

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