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Sensual Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birth

  I found your articles two years ago and they were great inspiration for me and a part of my preparation for home birth… Many thanks for your wisdom and inspiration…

Mirjana... Serbia

     Every woman’s body knows how to give birth naturally and joyously. And every woman’s body knows how to give birth without the use of medication. Although medical intervention is only needed in an emergency the contemporary woman now frequently requests an unnecessary caesarean or drugs during childbirth. This causes her to lose touch with the intuitive strength of her female instincts and the enriching fullness of her female essence. She becomes weakened through giving in to others’ opinions and misuse of authority. And she becomes fearful of her body’s life enhancing power and her natural ability for birthing babies.

     Every woman suffers when her perceptive intuition is dishonoured and her feminine A photo embodying a Sensual Pregnancy, Ecstatic Birthstrength is ignored. Her body tightens, her belly contracts, her vagina and her womb subtly vibrate with emotional tension. When she is pregnant her unborn babe absorbs the force of this tension as well as the joy of her love. When a pregnant woman has endured painful sexual experiences she recoils from the powerful surrender that bestows a joyous birth experience. Her fears of the unknown, of being engulfed, of letting go, will delay or suppress her womb’s life giving contractions. She will then ask for drugs to dull her senses, to numb her emotional pain, to put her and her baby to sleep.

     A woman’s body is created for openly giving and receiving sensual pleasure. And all of her body is a sacred opening to love. Menstruation, lovemaking, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause all potentially deepen this sacredness of her feminine essence. These cyclic transformations contain an ancient mysterious power that nurtures the healing elixir of her unique femaleness and the passionate fire of her natural sexuality. And this precious elixir releases suppressed fears, dormant cellular memories and unhealed emotional residue from her womb. When a woman fully experiences this raw and primal creative power during childbirth her entire being opens in a state of joyous ecstasy.

     Its intense ripples of pure life energy deeply nourish her and her babe, opening her vagina and her heart to an infinite wellspring of maternal love. If she feels intimidated, controlled or unsafe during childbirth she is denied the full experience of her radiant passion. She is denied the full expression of her mothering beauty. And she is denied the sensual waves of joyous pleasure that birth new life. When her babies are consciously conceived and gently birthed she unites with the miraculous presence of She, the all-giving power of the feminine spirit.

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