A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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  I read your article… What can I say?… Other than I understand… It simply is… Thank you!…

Leila... New Zealand

     There is an inherent wildness in woman that cannot be contained or controlled without creating disturbance within her psyche. Her deepest pain is that the modern world has separated her from the power of this essential quality, where man rarely reaches the innermost parts of her femaleness. Her sweetest joy is when she is simply being who she is, resting peacefully within the stillness of her inner realm. Here, she is united with the ever-changing cycles of the seasons’ awakening, earth’s nourishment and moon’s phases. Here, she is free.

     Woman’s innate feminine intuition cannot flow spontaneously when masqueraded beneath a rigid cloak of time, schedules, briefcases, business suits and corporate board meetings. Such efficiency is alien to the timeless quintessence of her mysterious depth, which emanates from an inner place beyond the outer world of existence. 

     New Zealand Rock FormationWhen lured from her vast female profundity into the forceful ways of a male-dominated civilisation, she loses touch with the exquisite simplicity of her true magnificence. In the outer world, she has become manipulated into being man’s “equal” through chasing him, following him, competing and achieving with him, instead of being together with him in love. When softly content within her being, she has no need for such competition, as she knows it is not her true nature. Through striving for “equality” with her man in his domain of incessant distraction and instant gratification, she leaves the fineness of her presence and the wisdom of her truth. The female spirit is nurturing, receptive, gentle and peaceful, embodying an ancient knowing that needs no explanations, no structures, no adornment, no complications.

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