A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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Woman Healing
an excerpt from
Woman Healing ~ Awakening Love

  Thank you for the way you both write and illustrate such magical and mystical truth... May this long lost beautiful magic of true femaleness be embraced by us all... I just want to encourage and bless you in your calling...

Richard... Australia

     Whenever a woman is abused in any way, the feminine principle is dishonoured a little more. Whenever one girl or woman cries out in pain as her body is treated with cruelty, all women suffer. Whenever any woman is treated as a sexual object instead of a Goddess of love, all of humanity suffers. Whenever one woman begins to heal, she contributes to the healing of many other women, for all are united as sisters in a mysterious timeless place. Whenever a man enters a woman’s body with true tenderness, sensitivity, reverence, humility and passion, love grows upon this earth.

    Within every young girl rests the immortal sacredness of woman’s presence. The primal wisdom of her feminine mystery potentially manifests through her intrinsic nurturing capacities of loving and mothering. The tenderness of her love must not be stolen, but only given. As an Pink Roseinnocent child, naturally united with the delicious wellspring of this love, she enjoys the spontaneity of dancing, playing and running freely as the wind. Through her inherent connection with the earth, she delights in the presence of warm sunshine upon her face, gentle raindrops in her hair and comforting arms enfolding her body. As yet untouched by the world’s hardness, she is in harmony with her natural sensuality and the innate pleasure of being alive. She enjoys the sweetness of being touched, hugged and cuddled, secure in the knowledge that she is loved. Like a tiny seedling or budding flower, she needs tender nurturing so as to blossom into the fullness of woman. Trusting her caretakers, she thrives upon their loving words and secure embraces. What happens to her naïve trust when one or more of these adults violate the tenuous impressions still forming within her innocent young psyche?

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