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Womb of Wisdom

The Sacred Journey of MENOPAUSE

written and illustrated by ROSLYNE SOPHIA BREILLAT

Womb of Wisdom Book Cover

The journey of menopause is an inner quest and a sacred rite of passage that is suppressed, devalued and ignored in contemporary society. This potent female metamorphosis gifts many treasures to the woman who is ready to wholeheartedly embrace the wild and chaotic nature of feminine change. Through openly welcoming this powerful offering of inner transformation, she can merge with the infinitely wise mystery of her womb essence and align with the true purpose of her wisdom and her power.

This beautifully illustrated book is an invitation for woman to drink deeply from her inner well of wisdom throughout and beyond her menopausal journey. Its potent words and images encourage her to transform culturally imposed ignorance of the sacred feminine as they welcome her into the heart-centred, womb-centred, earth-centred mystery of the wild, wise woman.

Paperback 203 pages
Fifteen beautifully illustrated chapters
Fifteen full page illustrations
Printed on recycled paper
ISBN 978 0 646 55422 8


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Praise for WOMB of WISDOM

The sweet heart-space of menopause metamorphosis emerges here in soothing, rousing, precious, penetrating words and images. We all need wise guides as we traverse our passage to power. I call them butterflies, those women who so confidently and serenely fly ahead of me, urging me to take another step, and another, into my own truth and wisdom. This book is a butterfly made of wise words and exquisite drawings. It is strong enough to carry you, bright enough to light your way, and powerful enough to push you to your edges, if you dare to take it to your breast, if you allow it to touch you deeply.

Susun Weed... U.S.A.   Author, New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way

Your book is enchanting, and I am using the word in its truest sense. I am devouring it with relish and rapture. You are magical in the way you bring shamanistic wisdom to the subject of menopause, giving its rightful place in the cosmology of the feminine, and giving us, as menopausal women, the insight and good judgement to experience it with pride and power. It is also so beautifully illustrated. Your drawings are both charming and strong, bringing again, that quality of elemental knowledge. I feel so privileged to be reading it!

Sky Shayne Innes... Australia   Author, Love’s Alchemy

Menopause is Nature’s opportunity to reach deep within and give our wise essence to the world, and this is clearly reflected in Sophia’s deep understanding of this powerful and sacred rite of passage. The way of women could be transformed with these potent messages. I’m a great fan of her deeply inspiring and soulfelt calling to this most magical of realms: the feminine. This work shows that we go on being wise, powerful, sacred and creative long after the childbearing years.

Veronika Robinson... U.K.   Editor, The Mother magazine

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