A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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The Man Who Came Home
An excerpt

How he longed for beauty, for peace, for silence. Feeling stifled by the heavy concrete walls that surrounded him, he ran outside, across the busy highway, looking for somewhere green toSun through the trees rest his weary soul. But all he could find was a small patch of dried brown grass. Slowly, slowly, he was beginning to awaken, for now, at last, he had had enough. He tried wiping away the tears that trickled from his eyes, but they would not stop flowing, like the once sparkling rivers he had polluted and dammed. “It’s too late!” he cried, as he fell, sobbing, onto the barren parched earth. He did not see the green grass shoots that began to sprout beneath his tears. “What have I done?” his anguished voice echoed across the busy traffic. “What can I do? How can I give back all that I have taken? I have taken so much, I have given so little.  Where can I go?” “Come, come here, come home to me,” her silent voice whispered from within his heart. “Come home where?” he cried. “Here, come home, your home is here,” answered the voice of his heart. Come home to me.”

The exhausted sobbing man turned his back on his mighty creation, took off his shoes, and began to walk slowly, softly, reverently upon the earth.  At first, this was difficult, he was like a small child tentatively taking its first steps, for he had moved so very fast for such a long, long time. “I am so sorry, I have forgotten how to love. I have forgotten about humility and gratitude and integrity. I have forgotten about everything important” He paused for a moment, slowly inhaling a beautiful mysterious fragrance drifting through the late afternoon air. “Return to me,” whispered the earth. “Return to me, inside your heart.”

“I have forgotten how to love, I have forgotten how to love you, I have strayed so far away, please show me the way home.” He spoke quietly now, his head bowed in shame, his eyes softened by his tears.  And the green grass began to grow beneath his bare feet. And the pink blossoms began to unfurl on the dried branches. And the sunset began to glow beyond the towering factory chimneys. And the earth spirit welcomed him, embracing him with her healing love, for she had waited so long for him to open his eyes and look within. She had waited so long for him to come home.

Roslyne Sophia Breillat 2010
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