A detail of Aesha's Roses an original painting from the Glimpses of Nature series by Roslyne Sophia Breillat
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Writings from the Heart...


I am the ancient well of wisdom
Come drink from my waters
Come take your fill
Not in tiny dainty sips
But in full-bodied joy
And innocent delight
Of the heart

I am the crimson fire of passion
Come dive into my flames
And rise from the ashes reborn
Not in small tentative flutters
But in wholehearted abandon
And free flowing flight
Beyond the sun

I am the ancient standing stone
Beneath the full moon
Come rest your cheek upon my coolness
And know the gentled peace of your belonging
Not in fear or hesitation
But in sweet surrender
To the vastness of the night

I am the power of wildness
Come dance in my ecstasy
Until you disappear
Not with controlled steps of caution
Or terror and shame
But with the widespread wings
Of formless flight

I am the darkness of the void
Come love within my mystery
And know the earth’s secrets
Not through conditions and limitations
But in wise and ancient knowing
I am Mother of All
I am Crone

Roslyne Sophia Breillat © 2010
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